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All-in-One Catch Cheating Spouse by Spy Advice
You wonder if your wife/husband is cheating on you.
You wonder if your partner does something behind your back.
You feel your spouse keeps distance from you.
You suspect your wife/husband is lying to you.
Find out the truth and bring peace to your mind with Spy Advice
Be it women or a man; it is very painful to find out that the one whom you love deeply from your heart is cheating on you. But being sorrowful and dishearten is not any solution to it. You will have to find out about the cheating activities of your spouse. Although if you are not able to make sure that whether your spouse is cheating on you or not, you can use a spying application to remove your doubts. Taking the help of spy apps, you can collect evidence against your spouse.
Although this seems a difficult task using spying application will make it easier than you could ever imagine. The best way to catch a cheating spouse is by spying on his/her smartphone.
Spy Advice is one of the best Catch Cheating Spouse App available today. It provides you lots of features which make your work easy.

Features of Spy Advice
Using the Catch Cheating Spouse Software does not provide contact or messaging information only but provide some additional tracking experience such as:

GPS Tracking Location
If you have doubts that your spouse is lying to you about where they are going you can use this feature of Spy Advice and find out the location of your spouse, you could also get the location details specifically with then longitudes and latitudes. If you ever miss tracking the location of your spouse, you can get the history of location details which are uploaded to the online control panel of Spy Advice
. This control panel can be accessed from anywhere by having a data connection.

Manage Calls
You can view all history of calls including time, duration, contact name… and also see deleted records
Monitor Internet Activities
You can keep track of all the internet activities carried on by your spouse through their mobile. You can see the websites the user visited, search the URL and check the number of times each site was visited by the suspect. Again all this information gets uploaded on the online control panel so that you can look through them in case you miss out any information.
Instant Messengers
Other applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber and other apps of this kind can be accessed with the help if Spy Advice app and lets you read all the conversations and see all the media content shared through these apps. Details of the members with whom your spouse has been chatting with can also be found through this feature of the truth spy app. All the information is backed up in the online Spy Advic cloud.
Phone call recording
This app lets you record the phone calls that your spouse makes. You can choose the list of contacts whose calls have to be recorded and then wait for the calls to be recorded. This recording takes place in hidden mode and could not be found out by your spouse.
Remotely Control
Remote access through online control panel and send SMS commands to target devices to do a specified action.
Record SMS Messages
Another feature of Spy Advice app is to trace the built-in messaging application. It keeps a track of all the messages sent and received by the suspected user. It also lets you read each content of the conversation. Apart from reading all the messages, you can also obtain the details like name and number of the person with whom the suspect has been chatting with. Time and date can also be found out through it. Any missing detail can be recovered from the online control panel of the app.
Alerts & Notifications
If there is any change in sim card this app will notify you about this change through a message and will also tell you the new mobile number.
Support Options
We support 24/7 and Money back guarantee 05


100% undetectable

This the best feature of the truth spy app. it is 100% undetectable. Your spouse will never be able to know that this application is installed on their phone as it works in the background memory of the device. It will take all the information of the device and copy it in your personal account on the web.

Read Contact History

If you want to know the details of the people with whom your spouse contacts with, this is the apt feature of this application. It enables you to go through all the entries in the phonebook and also get the names and numbers and even the email addresses of the people with whom your spouse keeps in contact with. All the details regarding call are available on the control panel of the truth spy.

View Multimedia Files

This feature gives you right to access all the media content of your spouse’s mobile. If you have a shadow of doubt that your partner has some compromising media content on their device you could go through their each and every photo and video of their device. You can also hear all the audios on that device. All the media content is also available on the online control panel of the application.

Ambient Listening

This app allow you to make hidden call to your spouse’s phone so that you could hear to the surroundings like any conversation going on etc. the feature of ambient listening is available only in the truth spy app, and this is its most important feature as most of its competitor applications do not have this.

Auto-answer (Spy call)

You make a call from your phone to target phone. It will be auto answer without knowing from users.

View Notes contents

All Notes from mobile devices will be sent silently to server to let you view. Maybe you can know important data such as password of facebook or other sensitive data…

Record Apps usage

View history of application usages on target device and you can block what application you want.


This is the most impressive feature, and it could help you a great deal indirectly knowing the passwords and other details. Through this feature, you get to know everything that the user types on their device. You will come to know all the passwords with this method.

These are some of the features that this app provides you, but this is not the end. There are several more facilities that the truth spy provides to its clients like recording apps usage, remotely controllable, money back guarantees, view notes contents, make spy calls or auto answer calls, etc.


Cell Phone Monitoring/ spying Activities

We can help you to get remote access into any types of device like iPhone , Androids, iPad , PC . Our mobile hack reveals all types of social media applications on the target’s phone. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, ICQ, Skype and more! Unlimited number of apps.

Recovery Of Deleted /Old Information

We can also help our clients in recovery of data/information that were deleted on any type of devices . Reveals text messages on the target’s phone in real time, and also the deleted messages. Gmail, Hotmail and other e-mails connected to the mobile device will be revealed with real time updates.

Tracking Systems

We offer tracking of any device GPS location . If your device was stolen we can help you to get the target exact location . Your stolen Vehicle can also be tracked .
Our mobile spyware can track the GPS positioning of the device, and also what is happening around device – similar to a bugging device in real time.

Bitcoin Mining/Credit Card Upgrading

This is also part of what we offer to our customers , we help in mining of all types of crypt-currencies , credit cards scores upgrading and funding . We can help you to make a legit transfer to any bank accounts .

Password Hack

Hacker for hire ethical hacker password online
Lost a Password? Hire a Hacker.

Everyone loses a password at some point. We help crack/recover passwords from computers, mobile & wireless devices, E-mail accounts, FaceBook and more! Hire hacker!

Social Media Services

Has your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account been attacked by a hacker? Do you need to get back into a social media account? A Professional Hacker Can Help


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A security hacker is someone who seeks to breach defenses and exploit weaknesses in a computer system or network. Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, information gathering, challenge, recreation, or to evaluate system weaknesses to assist in formulating defenses against potential hackers. The subculture that has evolved around hackers is often referred to as the computer underground.

There is a longstanding controversy about the term’s true meaning. In this controversy, the term hacker is reclaimed by computer programmers who argue that it refers simply to someone with an advanced understanding of computers and computer networks,and that cracker is the more appropriate term for those who break into computers, whether computer CL (black hats) or computer security expert (white hats). A 2020

Certified Ethical Hackers for HIRE


Hundreds of thousands of people have their computers hacked every second of every day. Why do so many hackers get away? It seems law enforcement won’t do anything about it but the truth is, there are so many hackers and complaints about hackers that the list is long and or they simply don’t have the talent to close the many cases




Michael Pete



Thanks to Spy advice, I was able to retrieve my deleted text messages and photos on my phone

Liam James



Thanks, I was able to clear my credit card debts and had my financial breakthrough.

Allison Packer



I was able to confront my husband with concrete evidence on his phone through this site and wonderful people

Luke Anderson



Thanks to spy advice. I got access to my wife’s phone remotely. I’m able to monitor her phone activities

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  4. I was contemplating if this will work or not, so i tried with just $105.00 to hire Spyadvice to help me monitor my Home and I got the Best result. Found Out My husband was cheating so we talked about it and i changed my behavior to what makes him happy. Since then everything have been going Fine in my Home.


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  5. Wow I was scared to try, I didn’t believe it works until I tried.. I can now monitor my spouse location and other private things she been hiding.


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